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The Rise of Bt Genetically Modified Crops and Their Impact on Global Food Safety  

Jara Wei
Institute of Life Science, Jiyang College of Zhejiang A&F University, Zhuji, 311800, China
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Bt Research, 2023, Vol. 14, No. 2   doi: 10.5376/bt.2023.14.0002
Received: 11 Dec., 2023    Accepted: 18 Dec., 2023    Published: 22 Dec., 2023
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Wei J., 2023, The rise of Bt genetically modified crops and their impact on global food safety, Bt Research, 14(2): 1-8 (doi: 10.5376/bt.2023.14.0002

This review aims to explore the rise of Bt genetically modified crops and their impact on global food safety. The review introduced the historical background, basic principles, and application fields of Bt genetically modified crops, and elaborated on their important roles in increasing agricultural production yield, reducing pesticide use, improving soil health, and adapting to climate change. Through genetically modified technology, Bt crops can produce proteins with insecticidal activity, thereby reducing the use of pesticides and increasing yields. This technology is of great significance for the development of modern agriculture. The article also provides a detailed analysis of the global promotion and application of Bt genetically modified crops, as well as international policy and social acceptance. Discussed the food safety assessment of Bt genetically modified crops and their potential risks and issues, and proposed suggestions for relevant regulations and supervision. The rapid development of genetically modified technology has raised a series of global food safety issues. This study will explore the rise of Bt genetically modified crops and their impact on global food safety, while proposing possible solutions and future development directions.
Bt transgenic crops; Food safety; Pesticide use; Regulations and supervision
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Bt Research
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