Probiotics Promote Weight Loss in Obese Dogs
Published:07 Mar.2024    Source:American Society for Microbiology
Researchers have identified 2 strains of probiotics that can be used to reduce weight in obese dogs. In the new study, the research team investigated metabolic diseases in companion animals and set out to identify probiotics suitable for long-term and safe treatment.
In the experimental phase, they administered these selected strains, Enterococcus faecium IDCC 2102 and Bifidobacterium lactis IDCC 4301, along with a high-fat diet, to a cohort of beagles. The results were compelling, demonstrating the strains' effectiveness in reducing body fat and rectifying the imbalances in intestinal microflora induced by obesity. Crucially, as fat accumulation often leads to systemic inflammation and disruption of hormone metabolism, the study revealed noteworthy improvements. In the group that ingested the selected strains, the researchers observed lowered inflammation levels and enhanced essential metabolic activities such as insulin production.

Furthermore, the researchers successfully increased the proportion of commensal bacteria, which typically reside in the body, acting as a defense against harmful bacteria and boosting immunity. What's particularly encouraging is that these changes aren't fleeting. This enduring impact underscores the potential long-term benefits of incorporating these probiotic strains into the health regimen for companion animals.< style="display:none" href="">