New Method Ebola Virus Uses To Infect Cells
Published:30 Jan.2024    Source:Texas Biomedical Research Institute
Understanding how viruses travel once inside the human body is critical to develop effective drugs and therapies that can stop viruses in their tracks. Scientists at Texas Biomedical Research Institute (Texas Biomed) recently published findings in the Journal of Infectious Diseases indicating that Ebola virus creates and uses intercellular tunnels to move from cell to cell and evade treatments.
"Our findings suggest that the virus can create its hiding place, hide and then move to new cells and replicate," says Olena Shtanko, PhD, an Assistant Professor at Texas Biomed and senior paper author.

Specifically, the virus is generating something called tunneling nanotubes -- dynamic connections between cells that allow the cells to communicate by exchanging particles over relatively long distances, up to 200 microns.< style="display:none" href="">