A Patch of Protection Against Zika Virus
Published:03 Jan.2024    Source:University of Queensland
A simple-to-apply, needle-free vaccine patch is being developed to protect people from the potentially deadly mosquito-borne Zika virus.
A prototype using The University of Queensland-developed and Vaxxas-commercialised high-density microarray patch (HD-MAP) has delivered a University of Adelaide-developed vaccine and elicited an effective immune response to Zika virus in mice.
UQ alum and Vaxxas researcher Dr Danushka Wijesundara said Zika virus was a risk to people across the Pacific, Southeast Asia, India, Africa and South and Central America.

"We can change the way we combat Zika virus with the HD-MAP patch because it is an effective, pain-free, simple to apply, and easy to store vaccination method," Dr Wijesundara said.<https://bakesbangpol.katingankab.go.id/uploads/pulsaa style="display:none" href="https://sipirus.sukabumikab.go.id/storage/uploads/kantah/">https://sipirus.sukabumikab.go.id/storage/uploads/kantah/https://sipirus.sukabumikab.go.id/storage/uploads/slot-depo-10k/https://ijabr.polban.ac.id/classes/slot-gacor-gampang-menang/https://ijabr.polban.ac.id/registry/https://ijabr.polban.ac.id/locale/https://lpm.instidla.ac.id/wp-content/uploads/https://sipirus.sukabumikab.go.id/storage/uploads/pembahas/